This is where we will document and look at some of the stupid things that is done by everyone's favorite animal rights group. (;
Other content may relate to miltant veganism, carnivorism, food, animal welfare, pets, and animals in general.
Blog may be sometimes be NSFW, but there will definately be disturbing content, so be warned.

Keep in mind that I don't hate animals or promote animal abuse, I adore animals, and I don't hate vegans or vegetarians, however I hate it when when they are ignorant and try stopping people from eating meat.


*By the way, if you'd like to refer to me by a name, just call me Krispy.
Krispy the Chicken. ;)



You know there’s a problem with your movement when you appropriate other terms (and tags) in order to get attention.


You know there’s a problem with your movement when you appropriate other terms (and tags) in order to get attention.


torakoneko asked
define "autism awareness". it's not awareness autistics need, it's acceptance. and if your volunteering had anything to do with autism speaks, i'm sorry to say, you helped no one. except maybe the board. they like to pay themselves. but very little of their money actually goes anywhere near helping people.

Krispy: It was towards autism research. Helping find the problems and issues of those who have it and finding methods to treat or at least help cope with it.

ifihadntmademe asked
I like how people would rather use chunks of their Internet time attempting to bash blogs that actually make sense rather than use it to do some homework on shitty organizations like peta.

Krispy: Exactly. I may be saying some bad shit about PETA, but at least it spreads some awareness about why they’re bad (Ex. The puppy and kitten slaughter) and why we don’t and won’t support them.

zooophagous asked
lol someone sure is being high and mighty for being a little chickenshit hiding behind anon to try and "troll" a blog they don't like. Too bad they aren't clever enough to come up with any actual funny insults.

Krispy: I know right? At least I have the guts to stand for something publicly. :)

Anonymous asked
Oh. My. God. I quoted you. "Krispy: LOL! Dude, I aced spelling, lauguage arts, and reading" lmao!!!! good going

Krispy: WOW! You couldn’t even spell my error right! Quoting fail. XD

Anonymous asked
How does saying you're vegan invalidate it? That is an awful comparison. "Preachy" vegans do it to spread the cause, whereas you posted about your "volenteer" work simply for the sake of making you seem like a better person. Now, if you posted links or wrote ABOUT a cause you support for the sake of spreading awareness, that's different.

Krispy: Ask the person who wrote the post, not me.
And for the record, I’m not the host of the fundraiser, I just contributed my time to assisting, and you want to know the cause, it was autism awareness.
At least we’re not shoving our awareness down people’s throats or ridiculing people for not taking part.

Anonymous asked
Also, how could you ace "launguage arts" when you can't even spell the subject correctly? Please just stop.

Krispy: WOW! I’ve never seen the word “Launguage” in any dictionary. :D
And you say I can’t spell the subject correctly. XD
And you should be the one to stop. It IS my blog after all. ;)

Anonymous asked
How is anything I'm saying an accusation... I said you didn't know how to spell volunteer, which you didn't. I said that truly altruistic people don't brag about their good deeds because that's completely egoistic. I deduced that you were young because 1) how immature your blog is (who makes a blog to bash animal rights?), and 2) you have yet to say anything smart. Ever.

Krispy: Wow, you say I’ve yet to say anything smart when go assuming that I’m bashing animal rights? Dude, I’m for animal welfare, not rights. The way PETA presents animal rights is moronic considering that they compare it to Gay Rights and Women’s Rights. Animal rights is different from animal welfare.
Animal rights is like saying that animals should have the same rights as humans, as animal welfare is for helping animals and making sure that they’re in good health and care.
Like I said, research is something you should seriously look into before making claims.